All over Greece I have come in contact with messages from the past

I am deeply enamored with reliquary objects, and icons.
They are a nonverbal record marking a spiritual event or a transcendental experience.

And this record has been a very normal part of my day to day here. It is very grounding.
To be with these objects , is to come face to face with my ancestors, in a silent dialog.

I don't know


The fabric of Skopelos is unique and beautiful and can often be seen hanging overhead throughout the streets within town.


blink and they're gone



Having never really lived near the beach, it is new to me to be driving with the windows open and suddenly get a really strong smell of the ocean.

Direction by Water

Being from Florida, watershed has always played an integral part in how I tell direction. The direction of an ocean, lake, a flowing river or even a creek can mark or lead towards a location. In Skopelos, the same holds true of water; it can only lead in the correct direction, whether one is following it down towards the bay, or following its path up towards the main road from town.


zeroing in

July 7. 12:58 pm

Sense of Smell

The Shipbuilder's workshop appealed to all the senses: I wanted to touch the delicate woodwork, hear the stories behind the ships, my eyes were amazed, etc. Above all however, was the wonderful smell of freshly cut wood.

a sense of smell

Sitxh Sense

The majestically sloping mountains dotting the Aegean are almost enough to forget that one has a life elsewhere, but, not matter how hard one tries, one will always long for the familiarity of home.


The first thing I noticed about the food in Greece was that this was nothing like the yogurt, gyros, or greek salads that I thought I'd had at home.



On this island one can smell the sun. This sense is best exemplified on the goat trail. On this path, in the mid-afternoon, the sun is intense; the color of the ground beneath is a sign of its overbearing quality. As one is walking here, the dust picks up and tickles the nostrils and with it comes the scent of the sun-bleached earth.

Sense of Taste

I found these 'tasteful' ceramic tiles embedded in part of a wall at the Skopelos Foundation :)



I have been a gluttonous sightseer on this trip

greedily gobbling up the views of the island,

thank you very much, theres no room for dessert

I'm stuffed.


The island provides many varying shades of green. This palette includes the greens of sage, grapes, olive trees, ivy, unripe plums, and cyanotype residue.

Sense of Adventure--the Sixth Sense

The sense of adventure is what brought us all to Skopelos, and what has driven our creativity--the desire to explore and try new things!


I find it interesting that the service at Christo's church was still meaningful to me even though it was in a different language. It didn't take me long to realize this was because of the sounds and the incantation of his voice combined with bells and the rest of the churchgoers occasionally joining in. For a time I was sitting in a spot where I couldn't really see what was going on; I could only hear and it still held the same power.