THELO ελληνικά!

While I am in Greece, I am trying to learn as much Greek as I can so that I may go back to the States and speak to my Yiayia, Pappou, and Dad in our language.  Both my grandparents are sick, and I know it would make them very proud to see their granddaughter immersing herself in our culture.  Thanks to the help of Jill, Christos, Jorgos, Minnolis, and Giannis, I am picking up much more of the language than I thought I would in three short weeks.  

I am trying to learn the alphabet, as well.  In my sketchbook, I recorded the alphabet and phonetic sounds of each letter.  I am particularly interested in the Greek letters which look like English letters, but are pronounced differently.  For example, the Greek B is pronounced like the English V.  

I consider the ease with which I am able to learn Greek to be my sixth sense.  Perhaps it is an innate manifestation of my culture.